Grief is Love With Nowhere to Go

During one of the last conversations I had with my mom, she shared this piece of wisdom with me “grief is love with nowhere to go.” How right she was.


Celebrate Your Journey

Life changes so quickly. As I look back, I am so grateful that I blogged so diligently for the first five months after my mom's passing. I re- read some of the posts I wrote and am still surprised by my own insight. There came a point, however, where my feelings became so deep that … Continue reading Celebrate Your Journey

TBT: Finding Alone Time on an (Extended) Family Vacation

A Throwback Post!! I had a blog before this one, and I have always found great comfort and strength in journaling. The posts in this series are throwbacks to feelings, events, and lessons learned before. 7/4/16 Holidays are always filled with family, fun, and, in my case, lots of noise and activity.  I wouldn't trade the crazy … Continue reading TBT: Finding Alone Time on an (Extended) Family Vacation