Relationship Status Update

Ever since I can remember, I have had a crush. Whether I was four, fourteen, or twenty- four, my crush was the defining point of my life. In order to recall certain years or events, I would have to recall my crush in order to better remember whatever we were reminiscing about. For nearly ten … Continue reading Relationship Status Update


Digital, Digital Downsize

A wise girl boss recently told me I should choose one Instagram handle- one that could encompass the seven different handles I’ve been managing. As a creative with a type- A personality I never thought twice about starting a new page. It was easy to create and it got my messages out to the right … Continue reading Digital, Digital Downsize

TBT: Finding Alone Time on an (Extended) Family Vacation

A Throwback Post!! I had a blog before this one, and I have always found great comfort and strength in journaling. The posts in this series are throwbacks to feelings, events, and lessons learned before. 7/4/16 Holidays are always filled with family, fun, and, in my case, lots of noise and activity.  I wouldn't trade the crazy … Continue reading TBT: Finding Alone Time on an (Extended) Family Vacation