My Shoe Queen

Before "Shopping is my Therapy" was a thing, my mom would play "shoe store" with me. I would empty all of my shoes from my closet, place them in the center of my comforter, gather it together like a knapsack, and carry my shoes to the living room so I could line them up. My mom played the … Continue reading My Shoe Queen


May the Fourth Be With You

I was in second grade when I was told I would be a good teacher. The person asked if I would want to be a teacher and I said no because "they don't get the respect they deserve." When my little brother was in second grade his best friend, Max, was killed. On that day, … Continue reading May the Fourth Be With You

Jump for Joy

This morning, a woman I barely know jumped up and down out of pure excitement for me... The angels are conspiring again. This woman's name is Angela. She works at Blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant Beach and helped me order hats with my logo on it. After she jumped for joy, the girl behind the … Continue reading Jump for Joy