Jump for Joy

This morning, a woman I barely know jumped up and down out of pure excitement for me… The angels are conspiring again.

This woman’s name is Angela. She works at Blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant Beach and helped me order hats with my logo on it. After she jumped for joy, the girl behind the desk said, “She’s more excited than you!” I was holding back my excitement a bit. But I simply can’t anymoreeee.

I was going to wait until Mother’s Day to reveal this product to my family. I was thinking of it as a special love kinda present for a day that is sure to be tough. But, I couldn’t wait that long.

I was going to wait until this weekend at the Berkeley Heights Craft Fair, but I simply couldn’t wait. So, today these hats are FB official, and this Saturday they will go on sale. This Saturday, I will join my sister and a former student of mine to sell my bracelets and jewelry they made throughout my Mom’s program.

For the past several years, Mom worked on developing a program to bring teens and seniors together. She was part of a faction of a generation who was not only raising kids, but also caring for failing parents. While she was gifted in dividing her time in a way that made everyone feel loved, she knew that not everyone was capable of doing it. She sought to provide the community with a program to get teens (who are home alone after school) and seniors (who were shut ins) together so they could learn from each other.

Mom always emphasized the importance of spending time with our grandparents and I’m so grateful she did. Each generation has a special set of life experiences which turn into great stories and even better lessons for younger generations to learn from. She wanted to bring this to as many people as she could.

After St. Vincent’s announced it was closing, she focused on getting her program to run. She had taught classes at the Berkeley Heights YMCA when we were younger, so they were the first people she reached out to. After many meetings, they decided to run a pilot program.

My mom was over the moon. She had worked so hard to make her dreams a reality and she was finally breaking the surface of it coming to fruition. I so enjoyed our phone calls and hearing her enthusiasm and excitement as she came out of her meetings. She continued to have meetings with new venues about the program right to the end.

My sister had worked closely with my mom on the business end of her vision while I had given my two cents on the educational aspects. Thanks to my sister, the program still ran. She was able to bring together teens and adults to make jewelry. The teens learned how to make the style of bead in school and the adults were interested in learning. How beautiful is that?

This Saturday I will be promoting my brand by selling my bracelets alongside these pieces made with special love by the first group of “Teeniors.” Thanks to the love she shared and showed for this program, it carried on. Linda Just Stayed Faithful in Teeniors and worked towards her dreams.

Now our dreams are coming true together.


For more information about “Teeniors” please email my sister, Kathleen, at teeniors7@gmail.com.


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