My Mix Tape for: Momma Love

Hey Momma Love,

I Miss You! When I tell people I just want to talk to you they tell me, “Tell Her About It.” So Here We Go

I’m Waitin’ on a Sunny Day right now. It’s so overcast and gross down here. I’m sure your View from Heaven is a much better one. Despite the weather, I’m actually having a pretty Good Day. I got to teach drama this morning, the lesson was different in each classroom. I thought of you! I went to where they were. It was so fun. And, as we know: Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

I’ve been feeling a little like a Maniac recently. I’m working so hard to create a brand and business to sell my arm candy and to share Peace and Love with as many people as I can. And of course, I’ve Got The Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy (Down in my Heart) that you instilled in me, and I’m sharing that too. Thanks to your years of being my Cheerleader, I feel like I’m Almost There. Of course, I’m not actually sure How Far I’ll Go, I may still have to Go the Distance, but I know that you are the Wind Beneath my Wings and you’ll help me be the Girl I Mean to Be. 

Momma, to be honest, I’m Jealous of the Angels. I just Wish You Were Here. There’s a hole Without You, but I’m going to continue the Celebration of your spirit because I know that’s what you’d want us to do. In fact, we are all going to Come Together like we were Born to Run (or walk) on June 4th to raise money and awareness for organ donations. Your organ donations are just one of the reasons Why We Tell The Story of your life. You were Humble and Kind to a fault and I’m not sure you ever really knew the Amazing Grace you possessed, but I saw it. We all see it now.

Thank You for being The Perfect Fan for me and so many. We Live by your example now and I see Jesus in each and every single One of those who knew you. We were all Good People to begin with, but you showed us how to be better.

Until we meet again, Momma Love, we have these Songs to Sing and sweet memories of The Way We Were to hold onto. Life would be Better Together, but I know you will guide each of us through this “new normal.”

I love you. We love you bigger.

Special Love Always & in ALL Ways,




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