The Ultimate Comfort Food

This is how Erica at Lava Java described Grilled Cheese when I told her today is its national day. She’s so right. I love Erica.  

I love Lava Java. Erica works at Lava Java. She was the first person to welcome me, to learn my name, and to remember my order. It has now been nearly a month of coming here every day for my coffee and to sit and blog. 

Blogging has been so therapeutic in my grieving. So it should come as no surprise that when I entered a new level of grief last week, blogging became harder. Not because I didn’t have anything to say, but because everything I had to say had so much emotion behind it, I couldn’t bring myself to let it out. 

Crying exhausts me; I have to remember how cleansing and important it is to let it out.

So today’s blog is brought to you by the 70 degree weather, sunshine on my face, sand between my toes, waves crashing in my ears, and tears flooding my eyes. This is my Spiritual Spring Break Staycation.

When I found myself in times of trouble, I would go to my mom. Whether it was for advice, companionship, or a healthy meal, she provided constant sources of motivation and comfort. With her physically gone, I’ve been open to finding her physical love in new ways. Sometimes it comes back to me through the kindness of a stranger, sometimes through a good conversation or statement of a friend, other times it comes from my own heart. The ways and avenues and vessels in which I feel her love continually change, but one thing remains:  I feel her love from others. 

The staff at Lava Java has brought so much love back to me. Knowing there will be a friendly good morning and something made especially for me helps me get up each day. It is my constant – it happens every day – it gives me a chorus for this season’s theme song. 

And on today’s episode, I order a grilled cheese and told Erica my mom made the best ones ever. Turns out, Lava Java and my mom use the same secret ingredient. 


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