Love is Love

We all love differently. This is something my siblings and I have come into full knowing in the past few months. Prior to this, it became clearer when Grandma Joan passed. There were jobs that needed to be done, true to our parents’ way of doing things, we put our aces in places. No one felt obligated or stressed, but we all started to work through our grief by doing something to help our family goal (say good bye to Grandma) while helping ourselves (say good bye to Grandma). Little did we know this was preparation for a bigger challenge.

This picture is one of the last ones our Mom took. From this photo session came our Christmas card. I have yet to send some copies to my closest friends because it seems so final to me. I want to hold on to this piece just a little longer. I’m not ready to send her love out just yet. It’s on its way.

I was in a bad mood this day. I had drank, I wasn’t on my meds, and there were a lot of personalities and agendas happening — it was a lot for me to take in. I acknowledged I was in a bad mood, and it was okay. I got a good hug from my momma and we ended up getting some great pictures. We laughed and met our goal: Christmas Card photo taken.

Today I’ve been talking a lot about goals with my good friend, Lisa. When the time in the day came to regroup with social media, I received notifications from each of my siblings of an insta post for National Siblings Day. Each throw back pic was cuter than the next, and the captions were even more heartfelt with special love. I knew I had to post something, but my Irish gift of gab and week without blogging reminded me of what I had to do. I knew exactly where to turn to for inspiration.

But, ya see, the love and appreciation I have for my siblings, I can’t put into words.

How could you begin to describe the love you feel for the blood of your blood and the flesh of your flesh? Genetics aside. I have grown up with these humans. I have seen them at their worst and best, and likewise. Yet, they love me anyway. And I them. Unconditionally. For ever and ever, no matter what.

We all love differently and we show love in different ways, but it doesn’t diminish the worth of our love.

And that’s what Mom taught us:



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