I Feel Like I’m “Across the Universe”

They say, “the world changes when you lose a parent.” I’ve heard this for years from people who had the experience. It meant more to me hearing it from my mom than it did hearing it from anyone else.

I’ve really been trying to listen to my heart lately. What small thought do I think that sends happiness through my veins to inspire motivation, a smile, and excitement? Whenever possible I listen to the little “Joy” inside me and follow her lead as she drags “Sadness” behind her.

This morning, this voice brought me to use the movie “Across the Universe” as the soundtrack for my morning work of mathematically determining the cost of each of my bracelets. It makes sense that this movie makes me happy, and further proves how everything changes when you lose a parent:

A.) Who doesn’t love the Beatles? And by this I mean: there is some quality about them that mostly everyone can love. They’re lovable because they covered great topographical places, covered many topics, and were topical (as in contemporary). Some part of what they did resonated with different people at all different times for different reasons. The math on that must be incredible. All I see are factor trees.

B.) Who doesn’t love a good cover? How awesome that we have reached a place in the history of the world where musical covers exist?! Someone has deemed the original artist’s work to be so incredible and inspiring that they built upon it to make it their own. They say, “copying is the highest form of flattery.” Which, in my opinion, is harder to accept than, “a friend is someone who sings the song in your heart back to you when you’ve forgotten the words.”

C.) Who doesn’t love a good story? As a visual learner, an English Language teacher by degree, an artist by passion, and the ex- girlfriend of a huge the most knowledgable movie buff, I have grown to especially appreciate the brilliance of a good movie. It’s modern day story telling for all ages and abilities in ONE version. Here’s looking at you, “Differentiation” and “Inclusion.”

D.) Who doesn’t love a warm memory? My aforementioned ex- boyfriend had once asked me to create a post for him. (I was honored. He was always looking to help me out with my bracelet business and trying to monetize his instagram account. I guess we were pretty career centered!) Anyway, here is the post:


Posted NYE 2015

I remember the first time I watched “Across the Universe.” We were at my “wifey’s” house (she was one of my very good high school friends, but that’s a story for another time). She had had a party and those of us who were sleeping over began to settle in and watch a movie. There couldn’t have been more than a dozen of us in the room. Someone suggested “Across the Universe” and I piped up I’ve been wanting to see it! Does anyone have it?! and they did, and I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t seen it, and the people who suggested it *loved* it.  I feel asleep while watching it. It was over two hours long, we started it after two A.M. and there is a quite a flip switch in the movie (just like the music of the Beatles) so it really wasn’t surprising. I was hooked though! I woke up wanting to watch it all. I ended up buying the DVD and watching it with friends or as my background noise somewhat regularly.

Today, as the daughter of an angel, as a citizen of America in 2017, the movie brought on a whole new meaning for me. When it comes down to it, we are all fighting for love. And if there’s anything I have learned in the past three months, it’s that everyone loves differently. My parents had, what my mom described to be: the five best little lovees in the whole wide world. She taught each of us how to love through everything she said and did; she told me after much meditation, it really does all just come down to one word: love. I took that to heart. She had a hotline to heaven and I believed it and began immediately trying to live it because there was nothing to disagree with in it.

Today, the world around me and within me are unlike anything I ever imagined to happen. People are fighting in words and actions over American politics. Where is the love, people? I choose to fight the front lines of education through artistic education – that’s where my love flourishes and where I know I can make a difference. The world within me goes through waves of intense inspiration and connection to my divine purpose to absolutely agony of the darkest kind. I am calming the war within myself so I can continue to create and spread special love.

Today, this movie reminded me of the beauty of cinematography, the cyclical- ness of history, and how there is always an opportunity to let something be. This morning, I was able to be myself: ride the waves of emotion and create. Thanks mom for showing me “it’s not what you do… but… the way that you do it.”


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