I’m the Best “ME” There Is!

Tonight as I planned my lesson for tomorrow, I came to my closing for the lesson and wondered if I was “doing it right.”

My mom always used to end her kids classes the same way. (Maybe her adult ones too! I don’t know.) “Take your right hand, put it on your left shoulder… take you left hand, put it on your right shoulder. And give yourself a hug and say: I’M THE BEST ME THERE IS!!” It was something that stuck with me. In her P.E. or kids’ aerobics classes, this worked out really well because her environment was focused on movement and she made her kids feel special through her actions. So they really did leave feeling like they were the best version of themselves.

In more recent years, I don’t remember her doing it at St. Vincent’s. She did, however tell me that her goal for each class was that every child would leave a class having heard their name three times for something positive. She went on to say that for every negative reason it needed three additional positive reasons. Can you imagine that? She worked so hard to make each child feel special and I know she impacted many of them.

My mom had recently said, after much prayer and meditation, that everything really just comes down to love. That when you boil it all down, that’s what’s there. And if you can always channel that and act from a place of love, you’re doing it ALL right. She adapted her little kiddle 90s exercise mantra for her elementary aged millennials.

I am sure she made this adjustment, but I’m not sure if she was aware she was doing that. My mom was more intelligent than she was humble. In that, I mean she would mostly listen and learn from what you’d have to say so people thought she was stupid. In fact, she was probably the smartest of them all.

Tonight, as I started to question myself and if I was doing her proud with my closing, one of her favorite songs came on the radio and I knew she was telling me that I’m “doing it ALL right.” 


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