ABC Pick Up: Spelling Homework Made Fun!

While handwriting has been filtered out of schools, putting words in alphabetical order remains a staple in many elementary classrooms. Although the basic skill of alphabetizing is important to master, this task can be arduous especially for the student who needs movement after sitting through the school day.

While baby sitting my favorite 4th Grader, I came upon this problem myself.

Like many kids his age, he does best when he is able to move around. I’m still not sure how he is able to sit for over an hour after school to complete his math homework.

In any case, one day I needed to convince him to do his ABC order. So I asked him if he wanted to make it into a game and then the following was created!

ABC Pick Up



1. Write each spelling words, nice and big on an their own index cards. One word per card. (Differentiation: print a copy of the words and cut them out, have the child write the words out, have the child write them in cursive)

2. Spread all the cards around so they can all be seen at the same time. (Differentiation: lay the cards on a table top or counter)

3. The child then picks up the cards while saying the alphabet. Say the letter, then collect all the words that start with that letter. From there, the child can put them in the proper order according to the second letter.

4. The child should line the cards up in alphabetical order. This will require the child to move from the pile to another space to lay them in a line. (Differentiation: have the child hold the cards in his or her hands in the proper order or make a pile of the words in the proper order)

5. Finally, the child should collect the cards in the order they have been laid out in and sit down to write them in their ABC order! (Differentiation: have the child type up the words)

I hope your favorite elementary aged kids love this as much as my boy now does. Enjoy!


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