Self Soothing with Salt

No matter how good our lives seem, how in order or how put together, there will always be a time when we feel broken. It’s just life! It was a tough week. There was no getting around it. I did everything I could to turn the week around, but it just got worse and worse. So, today became one of those days that I needed to do all the things that make me feel alive, calm me down, and recenter me. I’m proud to know: it’s not my symptoms, it’s life. As the ocean ebbs and flows, so do we. After all, our bodies are mostly made of water.

Living a block from the Atlantic has given me a great overall sense of peace and gratitude. While I was in the womb, my parents lived a block from the beach. Each summer we would spend time down the shore as a family. Having the opportunity to live down here – my first time on my own – has finally confirmed that this is where I am meant to live. It was a long time coming!

Walking to the beach, sitting on the shoreline, and letting your emotions flow onto the sand is my favorite form of self- soothing.  The salt air, the sand between my toes, the vastness of the ocean, and the soundtrack of the waves helped me realize how much more there is to life than my crappy week.

My footprints in the sand will be gone when the tide comes in, and this week is over come tomorrow. There will be new opportunities to have a better week, but it all starts with a positive mind frame. Dwelling on the awfulness of last week would be simple. It’s happened, I experienced it all, and I can replay and rehash and “coulda, shoulda, woulda” the you- know- what out of it. But, I’m not going to let one bad week get the best of me.

The positive of a bad week are all the lessons we can take away from it.

This week, I learned how important it is for me to set myself up for success the weekend before. To look at my week and plan – just a little! – to make it go smoother. Check. This week, I learned that having a bedtime (even as an adult) is necessary for waking up early. Check. This week, I learned that I feel a lot better about myself wearing the small amount of make up that I do. It boosts my confidence and maintains a good complexion. Check.

I could go on and on about what I learned about myself last week, but I think these three improvements are a good place to start for starting my week out on the right foot. I am confident I will improve. While it may not be apparent today, tomorrow, or at the end of the week, I know if I keep trying the improvement will come…

I think I’ll also add a morning walk onto the work day.

After a bad week, remember that a new one is coming and you have the power to make it better. Be gentle with yourself because that “better” may not come as soon as you’d like. It may take time, but things will get better.



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